Wednesday, March 25, 2009

12 march 2009

my birthday(12 march 2009)

i am 23rd this year. mcm baru je i celebrated my 22nd bday.its been a year dah actually. this year celebration was fun,great n wonderful. everything was so perfect. the night before my bday, me n rexa went to Sunway. we had a simple yet sweet dinner at d ittalianies. thn we went to the Borneo Rainforest with few other crazy friends. we love it there coz the band is kinda kewl n talented. after 12am @12 march, they mention my name and sang me a birthday song requested by my wonderful girlfriends. it was fun having beloved bf n friends around on my bday. we really had a great night out. all i wanna say: im gonna miss every minute we spend together that night!!

cerita pasal bday nie, i miss those time when i was in Segamat, Johore, 2 years back. every year, i had a wonderful bday calebration there. its not about the place or the food or how much we spend, its about the memories that we had with beloved friends. far away from my family does not make me sad or wat not on my bday coz i have great friends.

however, my bday celebration this year wasn't end at Borneo, the next day(8.30pm @12 march), i had wonderful dinner at Victoria Stations with mummy and Rexa. eat till ya drop!!hehehe....and lastly,on saturday(14 march), a makan-makan day for my bday jugak at my house. few friends were invited and i really thank them for coming and for those who cudnt make it, its okay.

thank you again to my beloved rexa and wonderful friends. thank you also for all the bday wishes. may god bless all of you.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

kadang kadang

kadang kadang jiwa ni mcm kosong...kadang kadang ok la...
dalam kepala otak nie ade mcm2 nak fikir...yang lepas, yang akan datang, yang mungkin akan datang...semua la.kadang kadang otak nie pending gak la...tu yang jadi stress tu...aku tak suke perasaan nie, penat klau difikirkan, tapi tak mampu nak elok. tipu klau aku kate aku boleh lupe semua nye, tipu klau aku kate aku tk fikir ape yg dh terjadi, yg sedang terjadi dan yg akan terjadi. kadang kadang aku rindu aku yang dulu, tapi aku dah penat dgn diri aku yang dulu..macam mane tu???
complicated kan??...kadang kadang jugak aku seronok dan bahagia sangat dgn aku yang sekarang ni..sempurna..tapi kadang kadang aku bosan n benci dengan aku yang sekarang ni. aku selalu ingat aku dah dapat ape yang aku nak dalam hidup.tapi kadang kadang aku rasa aku tk dapat ape pn. takde ape yang aku dapat...ape yang aku nak pn aku dah jadi tak tahu. sebabnye, bile aku rasa sesuatu tu dah sempurna, mesti ade aje yang tak kene. kadang kadang mcm dah nak gile tau fikir semua ni. aku nak hidup yang sederhana pn jadila, asal sempurna. tu je!! aku taknk harap lebih...sbb bile harap lebih, lagi la sakit otak nak fikir...mmg boleh gile terus.